Sunday, June 28, 2015

I get up before everyone else to shower and dress before waking the girls in our hotel room on Sunday mornings.  Bobby comes from his room an hour later, bringing Justis with him to put a dressed-for-church Grace into her wheelchair and take her to breakfast. Hope is ready for church when Bobby comes and she and Faith go to breakfast also and they help Justis get his food.  I'm left in the room alone for 30 minutes to finish getting ready and get luggage by the door so Bobby can pick it up later.  This morning Bobby finished feeding Grace and brought a luggage cart up before I left the room and told me how he silenced the breakfast room below a few moments earlier.

In the wake of the Supreme Courts' ruling for gay marriage, all of the news shows were left with nothing to talk about marriage.  The children in the breakfast room, including my own watched the TV as it flashed pictures and videos of same-sex weddings and same-sex kisses over and over.  Finally my husband had had enough.  Standing to his feet he said, "Would someone PLEASE change the channel?!  I don't want my kids watching this."  The room fell silent as the breakfast cook quickly changed the channel to Sesame Street.  With no applause or "amens," Bobby spoke again with, "...and thanks for the support!" and left the room.  

It took guts for Bobby to do what he did and I applauded him afterward.  I was proud of him for speaking up and putting his foot down for the sake of the children.  

Bobby posted this event on Facebook and was reading the comments he received while on our way to Ebenezer Church of the Nazarene outside of Crowley, Louisiana when he pulled our van and trailer into a church driveway, parked, grabbed some gear and started walking toward the church, only then  reading the church sign: Ebenezer United Methodist Church!

To the gentleman silently watching all of the action from the front door of the church, he said, "How you doin?  I'm at the wrong church!"  The silent observer said nothing and we drove away laughing.

Our drive to Hammond Sunday afternoon was intense as we sat high atop the Mississippi River bridge in Baton Rouge waiting for traffic to move.

Bobby called his contact at New Beginnings Christian Church to say we were running late.  We never did see what caused the jam when we finally got rolling again.  However, we had to keep our speed down because of the torrential downpours.

We had just driven out of the storm but it was catching up to us when we got to Hammond and stopped at the church with only 10 minutes to spare.  There were some men outside with umbrellas waiting on us to help carry equipment inside.  Bobby and Landis had the stage set up in 10 minutes and a couple of women met me with kitchen dish towels for drying off and led me to a bathroom with a hair dryer and a tall can of hair spray.  Someone else parked our van and trailer after we unloaded Grace.  We had a full room of people waiting on us patiently and we had a fun evening of music, food, and fellowship.

Okay, so it took an eventful day like this one to break my 19-month silence on The Bowen Arrows.  After Bobby went to the wrong church I knew I had to share our laughs, but the last laugh was on all of us at the end of the day.  We said goodbye to the precious folks at New Beginnings and drove a mile before Faith said from the back seat, "Hey, where's Justis?"  Suddenly, the peace and quiet we'd been enjoying in the van for the last 2 minutes made sense.  We had left our noisy kid behind!  I told Bobby not to be too hard on Justis because he'd been hanging with a really cute 7th grade girl and was helping her and several other kids move folding chairs. Turning around on a dead end street we were back at the church a couple of minutes later to pick up our once-was-lost but now-he's-found baby.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Earth, Wind, & Fire
November 2013

In spite of the fact that all parts were not in good working order, we decided to start traveling in our motor home at the end of October, as it would allow Grace to lie down instead of sitting in the wheel chair all day long and it gave us some options for sleeping that we wouldn’t have otherwise.  We had been to Houston (in the van) and on the way home on Monday, Bobby told me he would drive our shuttle bus to Michigan on Tuesday, leave the shuttle with a friend to begin renovations, and drive our motor home back on Wednesday.  Three days after that we left for Kansas and stayed in Kansas and Oklahoma for 10 days.  The motor home served its purpose for the most part.  We couldn't totally get away from hotels (not that we want to) as the hot water isn't working, but we were able to keep our purchases down to 1 room per night because the motor home provided extra sleeping space, whether it was for the oldest children or for "the guys."  It also provided a pantry and refrigerator so that we didn't have to buy as much food.  As a matter of fact, in those 10 days we only bought one meal!  On top of that, we were given food - enough that we didn't even have to buy groceries like we had planned on doing.  The Family of God Church in Topeka, Kansas gave us some munchies before the service on Sunday evening, and then brought us fixings for sandwiches, plus canned fruit, after service!  The next morning we went back to the church to help with their monthly food distribution and received even more food afterward!  We even received a cake for Bobby's 50th birthday and that afternoon, Pastor Randal took Landis, Hope, and Faith, along with his own daughter, Hannah, to see a matinee.

Thursday evening we made a return visit to Chisolm Trail Cowboy Church in Enid, Oklahoma.  Landis said this was our 10th visit there but I think this was more like our 8th visit.  And then on Sunday we sang in Paden in the morning and Chickasa in the evening, both Oklahoma.  On Sunday evening, Pastor Gary Rogers was moved to tears when Hope admitted to her dad on stage that she didn't even know what state she was in.  Her ignorance, I thought, reflected on my ability to home school my children and I chuckled at my embarrassment.  I wasn't aware of Pastor Gary's emotional reaction until later.  He was moved by the fact that this 10 year old girl is gone from home so much that she's not even aware of what state she’s in.  My take on it was more that Hope just isn't paying attention all of the time and has no conviction about that.
Our pastor had requested that Bobby sing a song at our church on the weekend of November 9th and 10th so Bobby made that work out with our schedule.  This was great for the kids and I as we got to stay home and attend weekend services at our own church - first time since Mother's Day. 

The drive to Michigan on Thursday, November 14th was easy but the wind picked up steadily as the week drew to an end. We sang in Bay City Friday evening and plugged in and slept at the church, leaving for northwest Ohio on Saturday morning. 

Sunday.  Big Wind.  Here’s what I posted on Facebook:

"What a day!  Bobby struggled to keep the motor home between the lines as we drove from Grand Rapids, Ohio toward Coloma, Michigan, the wind gusts rocking us. While on the toll road near South Bend, Indiana, the storm hit and Bobby pulled over along with many other drivers and just parked on the side of the interstate because we couldn't see 20 feet in front of us.  When I saw leaves and debris coming toward our huge windshield I got up and moved toward the back, urging Bobby to do the same.  Arrived in Coloma to sing only to find out the church was without power and the service was canceled.  Drove back to my sister's house passing many dark homes without power.  Sister's house lost power shortly after we arrived and Dad started the generator.  Now we're being rocked/sung to sleep in a cold motor home by a fierce wind.  Very thankful for His protection in this big box today."

And now for the "fire" part of this story: We had an oil leak repaired on the motor home on Thursday and Friday and on Saturday, after driving not quite 30 minutes up the interstate toward Ohio, I smelled something burning; an electric smell - maybe plastic.  Bobby pulled over on the side of the highway and confirmed the smell.  He went outside and could see smoke coming from underneath. He drove us safely to the next exit and pulled into a truck lube/tire place.  Seconds after we parked, I could hear someone outside yell something about a fire and extinguisher.  I turned around to look toward our engine (which is our bunk room and Landis was sleeping) and saw Justis waving his little arm through smoke rising from the engine box below.  I grabbed Justis and yelled for Landis to get up fast.  I knocked the open suitcase upside down in the process.  Poor Grace had to wait until last to get out as Bobby and Landis struggled to get her down without a ramp. The fire was out quickly with no significant damage. However, Bobby was uncomfortable with the idea of continuing on to Ohio and since we were so close to home we went back and got the van and trailer. We grabbed a bite for lunch at home, repacked, and headed north, Take 2. 

As I finish writing this on Monday morning, there are more adventures to add and I can’t close without including them.  Evidently they weren’t expecting any snow in southern Ohio but it fell heavily between Cincinnati and Columbus and the ice trucks hadn’t done their job yet.  Traffic slowed to a crawl as we inched along on black ice for several miles.  Conditions improved and we alternated back and forth between clear, wet, and snow-covered roads the remainder of the way, driving through very heavy snowfall around midnight.  But God delivered us safely to our hotel at 1:00 a.m. and I actually made it to bed less than an hour later.  Intermittent snow showers continued on Sunday morning and it was absolutely beautiful against the birch trees as we kept an eye on it from inside the warm sanctuary. 

I’ll close with one last “event.”  With six o’clock came a crack, thud and a cry from Justis.  He fell out of bed and hit the corner of the nightstand on his way down!  It wasn’t just a bump.  He hit the corner of it with his forehead and at first there was an indentation but a few minutes later it began to bleed. I ran down the hall for ice and held it on his head for several minutes until he went to sleep.  Of course this morning he’s showing it off to everyone. 

I know the enemy wanted to keep us from going on the road this weekend. I don’t know of any salvations this weekend but we did give an invitation in both services.  What did happen was following each service I was asked to pray with people and that’s something that doesn’t normally happen either.  You know sometimes we forget just how powerful our prayers are because of WHO we are praying to.  How many times have you heard people say, “Well, all we can do is pray.” Are you kidding me?  ALL WE CAN DO?  Sadly, Satan is more aware of the power we possess when we pray than we are.  He didn’t want those moments of prayer for healing from cancer for Lucille or for Susan’s spine to be healed, or for Daniel to surrender his heart to the Lord, or for peace for Nancy whose wayward son passed away in August.  Satan knows his kingdom suffers greatly if Daniel gets ahold of Jesus. (Daniel lives in Nashville, by the way.)

It’s a beautiful sunny but cold morning in Columbus and I expect good things on our drive home today.  We will celebrate Jesus and give thanks this Thursday with the rest of our country.  I’ve often wondered how long we’ll acknowledge Thanksgiving as a nation because, after all, if you’re thankful, isn’t your thankfulness directed toward someone?

Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, May 03, 2013


The school year is almost finished, the new CD is almost finished, and I am nearly finished meeting with a 12-week weight-loss group once a week.  I can honestly say I've enjoyed all of these things but it feels good to finish.  There are so many things that are never finished, like cleaning up the house or doing the laundry but I am looking forward to finishing school (at least for a couple of months) and having a completed CD project and meeting the goal to reach my desired weight...kind of.  I'v'e got more to lose but I've almost reached my first goal.

Although it's a wonderful thing to finish things and finish well, I'm so thankful that God is NOT finished with ME!  I'm happy about completing things and meeting goals but I am ever aware of the countless "projects" in me that are still being perfected by my Creator.  I am definitely a work in progress with a perfect ending.  Phil. 1:6. 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Back from a 10-day trip and I feel...behind!  It just dawned on me that every time we return from a long trip I feel behind in every area of my life.  I feel behind in laundry, sleep, health, school work,  and relationships.  It may not be as bad as my mind might try to convince me but none the less, I AM behind here and there.  Short post because I have a lot of catching up to do.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

January 11-14, 2013

Warmer Weather
A little longer weekend but easier to depart for simply because we were headed to a much warmer climate.  Easier, because warm weather meant packing was lighter and warm weather was a welcome break from the mid-January blues.  We could have waited until early Saturday morning to leave but leaving on Friday and only driving 8 of the 12 hours to Auburndale, Florida made a lot more sense, especially when given the fact that our van has 310,000 miles on it.  We sang at Central Assembly of God’s coffee house that meets one Saturday night each month.  They served chili dogs and desserts as well as iced tea and coffee.  A good-sized group gathered and we had a lot of fun.  Justis debuted his thrift store guitar and what a show he put on.  The little man, all of 21 months, has his daddy’s moves down pat.  After getting his guitar strapped on with assistance from big brother, Landis, he waited for his daddy to hand him a pick.  I can’t say there was much ministry done that night but there sure was some great family entertainment!  There was a lot of laughter in the room as Justis watched and mimicked not only his dad, but his siblings as well.  The best part though, was when Justis took a few steps around mic stands but tripped mid-song, got a little help from Faith in getting back to his feet and jumped right back into his guitar playing and lip syncing.  I wish I could say I have video but I was kept busy at a corner table feeding Grace.

We drove nearly 2 hours to Ocala to sleep and then sang Sunday morning in Citra, an impoverished community with 80% unemployment.  Pastor Joe and his family live in the parsonage which was formerly the church fellowship hall.  In spite of the fact that the area was poor the church interior was very attractive and well-cared for, and the folks were very friendly. 

After church I met a woman whose son had been killed while riding a bicycle at age 15.  In tears she told me of how she was very angry with God but eventually repented.  However, she still questioned God about “why” this happened to her son.  “He was a good son!” she reasoned with God.  She was having one of these conversations with God as she worked on her property one day when she said the presence of God came into the woods where she worked and the Spirit of God spoke to her clearly saying, “What about MY good Son?”  She repented fully that day and has been testifying of His goodness and mercy ever since. 

That wasn’t all to her story.  The Lord gave her a husband about 3 years ago and within the last year, her husband’s 20-year-old son also died unexpectedly.  She was there for her husband, knowing exactly what he was feeling.  He, too, has struggled with anger at God and questioning Him but she has encouraged her husband and continues to do so. 

Our Sunday evening concert was at a Nazarene Church in De Land where I met yet another woman who approached me and told me she wept more during the concert while watching Justis imitate his dad than she did at her son’s funeral 3 years ago.  Hers was a healthy little boy that had a brain aneurism while running across the yard after being called to dinner.  Through her experience she and her husband started a ministry helping children with handicaps obtain the equipment they need.

We had to buy all of our meals with the exception of our coffee house dinner Saturday night and all of our lodging for the weekend. (And we ate cheap. Taco Bell, $1 items from Burger King’s value menu, $5 Little Caesar’s pizza).  The greatest expense was our fuel which was more than a whopping $500.  Bobby told me on the way home as we were passing through Chattanooga that for the first time in 5 years of traveling and ministering across the country, we were actually coming home with less money than what we started out with.  About $50 less.  In spite of this he hasn’t been a grouch on the drive home like I might have actually expected based on similar situations. 

Oh, and Bobby (and I) had our talk with Landis as we drove north of Atlanta and the rain poured down.  Bobby asked him some questions about his choices he’s made of sticking things in his pocket that didn’t belong to him and told him to write letters of apology to the offended and buy them more of what was stolen and send it to them.  This didn’t please Landis but I think he accepted his father’s words.
January 5-6, 2013


I wrote several things down from last year but never got them published.  Somehow I will record some of the highlights from last year but there are several things from last year that I’d just as soon leave where they are ….in 2012.  A new year, even though we’re just going from one day to the next – new year’s eve to New Year’s Day – causes us to resolve to put the past behind us and make a new start.  I praise God that He collectively takes all of the things we experience, good and bad, and weaves them together with His promises for us and creates a beautiful future that benefits us and glorifies Himself…when we love Him freely and trust Him completely.

The first weekend of 2013 out with the Bowen Arrows started with a bang.  I forgot my phone and this laptop that I blog on. The blog that in December I had resolved to begin writing again.  So much for a great start. 

On Saturday, January 5, we drove to Cumming, Georgia to get a good night’s rest.  We always intend to get a good night’s rest on Saturday night but so many times Grace refuses to sleep until well after midnight on Saturday nights.  I’m not sure if it’s the anticipation of a big day the next day or what.  Midnight was the last time I checked the clock and didn’t know anything else until the alarm went off. 

After a decent night of sleep I realized that my phone wasn’t the only thing I had forgotten on this first trip of the year.  I was without the appropriate shoes for church.  I had my suede snow boots but they just didn’t look right with my black slacks.  We’d already stopped at Walmart across the street from the hotel the night before to get yet another pacifier for Justis as…well, we forgot that too.  Bobby talked like I was going to have to wear the hideous tan suede boots with my black slacks because we did not have time to spare but when he made a “wrong” turn after leaving the hotel I questioned where he was going.  He told me he didn’t want me mad at him the rest of the day because he didn’t stop and allow me to get another pair of shoes.  I thanked him, relieved, but asked him not to be mad at me for causing all the trouble. 

I always meet people that I can relate to or admire or am lead to pray for and this first Sunday of the year was no exception.  I met Carrie who tried for many years to have a child and finally, after totally giving up on ever having a baby, conceived and had a beautiful daughter that is just a year younger than Grace.  Then her second daughter came along 13 months later, also very beautiful.  Finally, she and husband, Keith, had their son who, at 6, is quite handsome and talented as well.  While Keith played drums in the worship service, his son stood nearby and played percussion never missing a beat. 

After service at the CD table, a lady approached me, shook my hand and asked me to pray for her daughter who has tried for years to conceive.  I was able to acquaint her with Carrie’s testimony and suggest that she ask Carrie to pray for this need as well.

We enjoyed a fine lunch with the pastor, his family and a few more church friends.  The pastor introduced us to a drink enhancer called Mio.  Just add a few drops of whatever flavor of Mio you prefer and viola!  You have an instant flavored tea/drink.  Pastor’s daughter borrowed one of his Mio bottles and set it down on her table right next to ours.  When we’d finished eating and were leaving our tables, Landis noticed the Mio drops still sitting on the table where the pastor’s daughter had left them.  Since no one remembered the drops Landis felt they were fair game and put them in his pocket. He had plenty of opportunity to give them back to the pastor but chose not to. I found the drops after we’d said goodbye and had driven several miles north to Chatsworth.  To say I was disappointed would be an understatement.  This was not the first time he’d taken something that wasn’t his but it had only happened at home.  I knew this was getting serious and that something had to be done.  Bobby is not usually one for confrontation and that carries over to disciplining the children.  He would just as soon, tell them not to do something again and go on with life.  I’m just the opposite and want contracts written, oaths taken and blood drawn.  Bobby and I talked on the drive home from Chatsworth after the children were asleep and discussed the “problem.”  I couldn’t emphasize enough to him how I believed this could turn into a huge societal problem with Landis if we didn’t nip it in the bud now and discipline him in a way that he’d never forget. 

We arrived home at 1:00 A.M. and after making sure the girls got to bed I came upon Bobby standing just inside Landis’ bedroom and I could tell the conversation was serious.  Come to find out Bobby had just discovered that some cash he’d thrown into a jar wasn’t there any longer.  He asked Landis about it right then and Landis confessed he’d taken it.  I stood there, jaw agape, not believing what I was hearing.  I wanted to say, “I rest my case.”  But I didn’t. 

I had a little trouble falling asleep in spite of the late hour because my heart was troubled and when I awoke the next morning, Landis’ “condition” was the first thing on my mind.  I washed my face, donned a robe, grabbed my Bible and sat at my desk.  After sharing my heart with God and laying Landis on the altar, I spent some time looking to see how God handled theft.  In the Old Testament in the book of Proverbs it talks about returning seven times what was taken and in Matthew we read how the converted tax collector returned four times the amount he’d stolen. I took some notes and showed them to Bobby later that morning and he agreed to look it over and consider everything.  I also handed Bobby a book that he found and purchased at a home school convention in May of 2011.  I’d noticed the book recently and thought what a shame for such a great book to not be put to use.  The book is written by a dad with 6 sons and 1 daughter who wanted to put together a biblical study for fathers and their sons of what it means to be a man complete in Christ.  Not only did the author write a book, but he started an organization similar to Boy Scouts, with chapters all over the country.  The organization is called, “Teleo Scouts.”  Bobby had forgotten the book and, that night, brought it to bed with him to look over before going to sleep.  On Wednesday, our day off school, he planned to take Landis to breakfast and start their weekly study together.

At Bobby’s suggestion I printed out a Bible study on stealing and put it in a binder to present to Landis to use in his morning devotional time.  And when Bobby announced to him that the two of them would be going to breakfast the next morning, Landis couldn’t help but grin but questioned why.  Bobby explained to him what his motives were and I couldn’t help but be amazed at the excitement that showed on Landis’ face at the thought of his dad wanting to spend time with him.  Powerful stuff. 

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Concerts
Part 1: Ohio and Michigan

Bobby said he wanted to do Christmas concerts this year. The funny part of that is we had planned a year ago to set aside money for this December, and we did, but it was spent on that beast of a motor home sitting in our driveway. We made a decision to just take December off for this year since it was hard to book dates in December anyway and taking the month off would be good for us. However, because of the the motor home expenses Bobby changed his mind and booked dates by advertising Christmas concerts with the participation of the entire family. It went over pretty well and by mid November, he had 14 Christmas concerts booked! I thought it was ironic that last year I made plans for this year to work 11 months and take the last one off. Instead, I took 11 months off and am working the last month!

We took the songs from our Christmas CD and made out a program and assigned scripture for the kids to memorize to introduce a few of the songs and threw in something new...a skit! We sat around the kitchen table as a family and timed the whole thing, going over it a few times and we all agreed that by the time we did the last concert on December 18th, we'd finally be getting the hang of it.

It's gone well. We started the Sunday after Thanksgiving in Adger, Alabama and drove on to Carthage, Mississippi for the Sunday evening service. I had to get past myself in the first few concerts. Self-consciousness and all. The following weekend Bobby had a private Christmas party booked on Friday night, nothing on Saturday, a cowboy church on Sunday morning where they only wanted us to do 3 or 4 songs, and a family concert Sunday evening. The Sunday evening booking canceled and so Bobby decided to rent a car and just take Landis. I really wasn't disappointed in staying home with all the girls and Justis. We had a nice time at home even though it wasn't nearly as restful as my weekends with just Grace and Justis. I had a lot more schooling to do plus I had to keep track of Landis getting his work done out there on the road. Not to mention all the work that children are at home. Don't get me wrong, it's good work. I'd much rather have them here and causing me work than for them to not be around. But it is funny how when Bobby and 1 child are gone I tend to think there's no need for me to cook dinner and that I'll be having a mini vacation. Hello! I still have four children I'm responsible for! When Bobby and the 3 children leave for a trip, the house usually needs a lot of picking up but by the time they get home on Monday, I've had time to pick everything up, catch up on all laundry, and clean a closet or sew or bake something. Not so with most of the children home, but still, I was very glad to be at home.

It wasn't until Monday, the 5th, as we were awaiting the arrival of Bobby and Landis from Texas that I realized that we'd be leaving that coming Friday and would be gone nearly 2 weeks. I had to let that sink in a little as I'm not used to being gone that long lately.

On Tuesday, we had no home school as we were gone all day long doing Christmas concerts. One at 11:00 at Crossroads Baptist Church in Greenbrier and Tuesday evening at Life Assembly in Mount Juliet, where my sister, Mary, joined us, contributing her humor and clever writing. There were meals provided at both places so we ended leaving the house at 9:00 that morning, coming home at 3:00 to make a couple of wardrobe changes including changing Grace's diaper and leaving again at 3:30 to be gone until 10:00! Long day.

We headed out Friday morning, the 9th, about 1 hour after the planned departure time. However, my husband, who chides me about "always" having to wait on me was just as busy as me with his running around and getting that one last item or making sure something was tightened or turned off...something he doesn't have to worry about if I stay home. We drove to Columbus, Ohio and made it in time for the 5:30 Kickback at the Drury. Bobby had reserved a two-room suite at my favorite hotel chain for the second time in two weeks. I teased him that he's trying to romance me back to being on the road. On Saturday morning we drove the remainder of the trip to Cleveland and checked into the Hilton Garden where we had adjoining rooms. We sang that evening at Willoughby Baptist Church. Bobby and the kids had just been there in August but he was successful in booking a Christmas concert.

The kids can't get around doing school on the road.

Glenda was such a blessing. She booked the concert, arranged for the great hotel rooms and brought Chik-fil-A nuggets, slaw, waffle fries and brownies for us for dinner in the church fellowship hall! Mmmmm. Our concert had improved much since the previous Tuesday and the folks seemed to enjoy it.

We didn't get much sleep because of Justis waking up at 4:20 Sunday morning. Was I ever thankful for having two rooms as I closed the door to the girls' room so Grace wouldn't be awakened. I was up with Justis for an hour and then dozed off and on until my alarm went off at 6:00. We were able to get everyone up and ready by 7:00 in order to enjoy a long and leisure breakfast bar in the hotel restaurant. From Cleveland we drove east about 90 minutes to a little Methodist church near Jefferson, Ohio. The pastor there was older but very young at heart with a desire to minister to the children. They were advertising "Breakfast With Santa" and provided breakfast as well as clay gingerbread men for the children to paint. And although he didn't preach Sunday morning, he still had a mini sermon for the children at the front of the sanctuary before we sang.

Again, the Christmas concert improved but I started hearing regular reports of the short blonde to my left. Faith was beginning to steal the entire show with her lip syncing of every song, yawns, leg-crossings, animated faces and various and peculiar facial expressions she would use in response to mine or Bobby's singing.

We enjoyed a delicious meal with our friend, Connie Smith in her home as she graciously received us and allowed us to just watch the football game and rest. She outdid herself with the rigatoni, garlic bread, salad and pumpkin roll. What a nice autumn comfort meal.

The Sunday evening concert was another visit to Pastor Bob Terasiak's church, Family Fellowship Church in Conneaut. You can actually see Lake Erie from the church - I love it. I enjoy going to Conneaut because of it's unique personality and beauty. We love being able to befriend some folks over the years and Pastor Bob and Sister Marianna are two people we look forward to seeing.

Again the concert went even better than the last one and again, I heard a few reports of our drama queen but a surprise was after Pastor Bob introduced Justis, who was sitting next to Grace in his stroller, I had to ask our friend Connie to take Justis and change his diaper because I could tell by his face that he had just pooped. I knew there was no way that poop would all stay in his diaper if too much time elapsed. So I had to tell Connie from the stage right there in front of God and everybody that Justis had serious troubles in his diaper and would she please take him out to change?

The folks at Family Fellowship brought in some great snacks for after church and we filled up before driving two hours to Milan to our not-so-favorite hotel chain, Super 8! The nice thing about this place was it was yet another two-room suite with no less than three double beds! It was very basic yet clean. The kids did see a couple of lady bugs though. We got to sleep in a little bit, enjoy a more simple breakfast, and then hit the Ohio Turnpike, headed west toward my Dad's home in Burr Oak, Michigan.